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Infection Control

Infection Control

On completion of this programme it is anticipated that registered nurses who attend will be able

  • To demonstrate knowledge of various definitions of infection
  • Describe how infection spreads as well as its impact on the body’s various systems and organs
  • Differentiate between bacteria and virus
  • Describe the conditions for bacterial growth
  • Distinguish between some common infections and will have discussed signs, symptoms and treatment for same
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of super bugs e.g.
    • Clostridium Difficle (C Diff), Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Noro Virus
  • Describe who is at risk of MRSA, C Diff, Noro Virus and Legionnaires Disease
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and best practice standards in controlling Legionnaires Disease in the nursing home setting
  • Demonstrate the competencies, skills knowledge, behaviours and attitudes that enhance the prevention of infection. These include :
    • Correct hand washing, wearing protective PPE and correct disposal of same,
    • Correct waste disposal, good housekeeping, proper cleaning of all equipment and Hazard Analysis Critical Control points (HACCP) in all kitchen areas
  • Apply the principles of universal standards precautions to promote the safety, health and well being of residents, staff and visitors
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of signs and symptoms of infections and the responses needed to same
  • To Follow waste management and disposal guidelines as per local policy & procedures in the nursing home environment and manage/support work flow patterns in line with best practice
  • Describe healthcare waste management protocols and practices as per legislative requirements
  • Demonstrate skills, knowledge and behaviours that follow best practice guidelines for “sharps” in the nursing home environment and demonstrate their understanding of their responsibilities in managing health & safety hazard

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Absolutely amazing Course & The tutors Mary & Jane are fantastic. Worthwhile making a step forward to becoming a Healthcare Assistant with superb team & with Ina Mc Crumlish she will get you to where you want to go. 100% Support all the Way! Grateful & thankful for all they done for me!

Joanne Grendon


Great enjoyable course, tutors very helpful! Everything explained so well!

Mandy Kelly


If you're thinking of going into healthcare may I recommend going to healthcare training solutions it's a great course and the tutors are just wonderful they take you through it step by step and it's always good Craic, thank you Grace and Mary it's a pleasure learning from you both

Trevor O' Toole


Pleasant tutors and proactive also. Highly recommended

Cyn Ruva