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Fire Safety Training

Our Fire Safety training course provides participants with the knowledge and skill to deal with fire on an emergency basis. It emphasises the danger of Fire, the importance of prevention and the necessity for urgent action when fire breaks out. Fire Safety Training course suitable for: Healthcare employees, Retail workers, Warehouse, Small businesses owners & staff or anyone with an interest in fire safety. This course starts at 1pm and finishes at 4pm. Space is limited so book early.

Date/s: Thursday, October 25 2018 to Thursday, October 25 2018 (1/2 Day)
Course Times: €1:00 pm
Cost: €50
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Absolutely amazing Course & The tutors Mary & Jane are fantastic. Worthwhile making a step forward to becoming a Healthcare Assistant with superb team & with Ina Mc Crumlish she will get you to where you want to go. 100% Support all the Way! Grateful & thankful for all they done for me!

Joanne Grendon


Great enjoyable course, tutors very helpful! Everything explained so well!

Mandy Kelly