Online Aptitude Test Preparation Course for Mature Nursing Entry 2021

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Why You Should Complete this Course
To achieve a place in any branch of Nursing or in Midwifery by the mature student route, a mature student must sit an assessment, completed on computer, which will take place in April
2021. Only those applicants who achieve above a certain score in this assessment will be considered for an offer as a mature code applicant. Unless there is a considerable amount of
preparation done for these tests, most candidates would have little chance of achieving the required score. While preparation from books will help to a certain extent, a preparation course
where students are provided with relevant sample questions and guided to complete them with speed and accuracy can be much more effective. This year, due to the dangers of the COVID virus and the restrictions implemented because of it, only an online course will be offered.

How the online course operates:
1. The course can be purchased on
2. Within 48 hours, but usually much less, the following items are emailed to the
9 videos
18 Practice Tests
16 Documents, including worksheets, transcripts of videos etc

3. The tests may be taken in the student’s own time.
4. For each test, on clicking Submit, the following information will be provided for each question in that test – whether each answer is correct or incorrect, the correct
answer and an explanation as to why it is the correct answer, allowing the learner to see their mistake.
5. Learners can repeat each test as often as they wish, each time receiving the above feedback. This will allow learners to become proficient in this method of assessment
6. Guidance will be provided by the tutor in a series of videos and worksheets, designed to be watched before each new type of test is attempted.
7. The tutor’s contact details are provided and students are encouraged to contact her if they have any questions.
Some Additional Features of this On-line Course:
1. The course costs €80 in total which includes all the tests, answers etc, as described above, the guiding videos and access to the tutor for clarification of anything required.
2. A high percentage of students who complete the course each year achieve a third level place in some branch of Nursing or Midwifery.
3. This format cuts out the cost and inconvenience of traveling to a particular venue and allows you to take the course in the safety of your own home.
4. It also provides the convenience of completing the tests at the most suitable times for the learner.

The Mature Nurse Entry Assessment 2021
This will be an online assessment involving remote proctoring (online monitoring). It will be run by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) and will take place between 22 and 28
April. Each candidate may choose the most suitable time for them to complete the assessment during this time frame. There will be three sections in the assessment – Literacy, Numeracy and
Job Simulation.

In order to provide the best preparation for the assessment, 18 Practice Tests are provided in the course – 6 Verbal Reasoning, 3 Numerical Ability, 6 Numerical Reasoning and 3 Job
Here is a summary of the material covered in the Practice Tests:
1. Verbal Reasoning – examines an applicant’s verbal proficiency and their ability to glean specific information from a wide range of sources.
2. Numerical Ability – explores the learner’s ability to manipulate numbers and carry out simple arithmetical calculations.
3. Numerical Reasoning – assesses the candidate’s ability to find relevant information from passages, graphs, chart and tables, involving numerical data, manipulate numbers and to carry
out arithmetical calculations.
4. Job Simulation: This exercise presents the applicant with a number of scenarios of typical situations that could occur during the course of a nurse’s working life. The candidate has to
read these scenarios and answer a number of questions relating to them. The aim of this part of the assessment is to gauge whether the applicant has the required qualities to make a good
nurse or midwife.

1. For more information or to purchase the course, go to
2. The cost of the course is €80
3. If you have any queries, email me at or ring me on
086 8807112.